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First review of Cloud Dance Festival – Firefly on

It was been a great weekend performing and watching the other brilliant dance acts. Cloud Dance Festival is created to celebrate contemporary dance and we sure did that for the last three days.

This was my first collaboration with Royal Ballet soloist Kristen McNally and I loved performing her solo “Don’t hate the Player, Hate the Game”. Outside The Royal Ballet Kristen is mostly known for her choreographic work  in the style of “Indie Ballet” but maybe when I perform it should be called “Indie Hop”? 😉  I hope there will be more future collaborations with Kristen and I.

Here is the link to the first review I’ve found so far and below and outtake from the article.

“Festival headliner Kristen McNally’s enjoyable Don’t hate the player, Hate the game, was a worthy close to the night and hip hop dancer Tommy Franzen a very engaging performer. McNally is known for her use of pop culture music and references mixed with some exciting choreography to create fresh cutting edge pieces. In this she successfully merges various dance styles from breaking to contemporary ballet movement which is effectively explored and performed by b-boy Franzen. What makes this piece stand out for me was how palpably the dancer enjoyed dancing it, it was sexy and dangerous, humorous and fun, dancer and movement interacting with the music and lighting, bringing to mind James Bond, Cowboys, and suave and dapper gentleman partners at formal dances.”

Photographer: David Clerihew

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