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My viral I shot for LA Muscle with @Coldcitystudios

Here is the LA Muscle viral I shot in October 2013. Filmed and edited by Cold City Studios. Really enjoyed working with these guys.

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The Visa Paywave Commercial that I’m in

I filmed a Visa Paywave Commercial in Bangkok last June and it has now been released in Australia and on YouTube.

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Tommy and Charlie SYTYCD Pop Jazz week 2 incl VT and judges comments

Tommy and Charlie’s Pop Jazz routine from week 2 of So You Think You Can Dance 2010. Video clip includes the VT and the judge’s comments. Slightly cringe worthy VT for me with the drama going on between me and the choreographer but I’m sharing it anyway. The disagreement between Arlene and Sisco at the end is hilarious though.

Choreography: Frank Gatson
Music: “Everybody In Love” by JLS