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“Flash Mob” now of sale for our Edinburgh Festival 2012 run

Full line up for Edinburgh is Olivier award nominee and So You Think You Can Dance runner up Tommy Franzén, Got To Dance runners up Alleviate, The A-Team also from Got To Dance, Mark Swarf Calape winner of Move Like Michael Jackson, Brosena from Got To Dance and Mike Viry and Yunaisy Farray, Latin dancers from StreetDance 2 3D the movie. Where dance worlds collide, this will be an explosive show directed by the award winning Gary Lloyd (Thriller Live, Hair etc). Get tickets now


I’m doing a show called Flash Mob with A-Team Corporation, Alleviate, Brosna and Streetdance 2 3D latin couple

On the 3rd of August we open the show “Flash Mob” at Edinburgh festival 2012. Apart from myself the show will include A-Team Corporation, Alleviate, Brosna and a latin couple from the movie Streetdance 2 3D. The tickets will go on sale 10th May. Gary Lloyd will be directing the show. I will keep you posted!