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Tommy and Mandy Broadway SYTYCD season 1 incl VT and judges comments

Tommy Franzen and Mandy Montanez’s Broadway routine from week 4 of So You Think You Can Dance UK 2010. Video clip includes the VT and the judge’s comments. It’s so funny as I didn’t say ‘….we are an unfortunate couple…’Β  in that context. What I really said was ‘People might see us as an unfortunate couple but we feel very strong together’ or something like that. Lol!
I love Nigel Lythgoe’s comments at the end! His words makes me feel so honored.

Choreography: Stephen Mear
Music: There’s Got To Be Something Better Than This from Sweet Charity

The legendary UK lockers Pat Cesar and Jimmy Williams

This is a music video of Pat Cesar and Jimmy Williams dancing for Mandy Smith in “Victim of Pleasure” from the 80’s. Much respect to those guys.