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I’ll be judging and performing at UDO World Streetdance Championships 2011

The UDO World Street Dance Championships 2011 will be held in Blackpool from 26-28th August. I’ll be judging the competition, perform a solo and selling my merchandise.

Physical Funk – Winners of UDO European Street Dance Championships 2011

Physical Funk  is the winning crew from Germany of UDO European Street Dance Championship 2011 in the category 18years+


Tommy, Lizzie and Turbo

Tommy, Lizzie and Turbo at UDO National High School Street Dance Championships 2010.

Tommy to judge UDO European Street Dance Championships 2011

Tommy is judging the UDO European Street Dance Championships 2011 at Euro Disney in Paris 8-10th April. All the judges will be doing a little showcase on the Saturday the 9th as well. Other judges are Turbo (UK), Mathias (France), Artemy (Russia), Malika (France), Glen Ball (UK), Sanflex (Holland) and Brendybb (Germany).

Tommy and Lizzie showcase at UDO 2011

Here is the showcase me and Lizzie performed at UDO two weeks ago. Enjoy! 🙂

UDO Street Dance Competition

This is a message from UDO Street Dance:

Competition time: Tag UDO in your status, post a funky slogan that you think would look good on a T-shirt, the top five with the most likes will be sent to Tommy Franzen SYTYCD and he will pick the winner of a FREE CHALET FOR BRITISH and a signed T-shirt with your slogan!! Good Luck

to tag us you will need to put @udo street dance and remember this slogan will be going on a t-shirt so no bad language and make it a good one!!